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Pitt Pandemic Service Initiative

Chancellor Patrick Gallagher called upon the University to acknowledge our role in the response during this time of great challenge. Join us in Pitt’s Pandemic Service Initiative: expanding staff, faculty, and student service; contributing to drives and collections; and forging innovative partnerships. We are rolling up our sleeves.

Thank you for answering the call to mobilize through partnership to support our neighbors and communities. In addition to existing activities, we will be adding remote and in-person volunteer activities as they are made available to this volunteer intake form. Please share with your Pitt colleagues; contact cgrinfo@pitt.edu with questions.

Priority need: Community Tech Support
Many people need to use technology for education, employment, information, and to meet with healthcare providers. Provide neighbor-to-neighbor technology assistance. Learn more.

Priority need: Care and Connection Calls
Your help is needed to support our partners in reaching out, via telephone, to the families and individuals they serve to be sure people feel connected to the resources they need. 

Full details are available at community.pitt.edu.

In Partnership with the Provost

CGR partners with the Office of the Provost to undertake activities that advance, elevate and celebrate the practices of community engagement.

Three current collaborations that support the University's institutional efforts to deepen and enhance community engagement are to: